Keys to lifting and rigging inspections

Knowing how to inspect lifting & rigging equipment will help determine how the equipment was damaged and reduce the likelihood of repeat issues, reducing replacement costs of purchasing new equipment.  We have a team of experienced Test and Inspection Field Service Personnel operating throughout the country with the capacity to conduct regular inspections, on-site testing and ongoing maintenance and repairs.  All these services are available in-house at all our Australia wide branches or we can come to you; we currently service the remotest sites in Australia for our mining and oil and gas customers.  At Nobles we service your equipment as if our lives depend on it, following strict guidelines and ensuring our inspectors are fully qualified and capable to ensure the safety of your equipment.


Spreader Beams vs Lifting Beams

Spreader and lifting beams are two popular pieces of lifting equipment.  Knowing which beam you should opt for and what aspects you should consider when planning a lift can be challenging.  To help you decide which option will be best suited for your next lift, we have documented the differences and benefits of both types of beams in this article.