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Kito EQ

New KITO Electric Chain Hoist EQ maximizes the characteristics of its dual speed inverter.

Motor-frame integration has materialized an ultimate light-weight, compact size, while maintaining high functions. Equipped with OLL; the electronic overload protection device and friction clutch to ensure operational safety and environmental friendliness. Designed light-weight and compact, unique-shape push button switches are easy to grab and operate.

Integrated body protecting the high performance and high functions

Outstanding rigidity, high dust-proofness and water-proofness suitable for severe environments and working conditions. No-Load High-Speed Function, Simply-structured integrated body with less component parts. Dust-proof and jet-proof body (IP55) and combination of idea and technology materializing light-weight size.

Meticulous inverter dedicated design

Fully miniaturized mechanical parts taking into account inverter-based smooth start and stop, Transformer-free structure based on the inverter DC power. Thermal protector-free structure based on the electronic thermal systemand double safety mechanism preventing the accident at the occurrence of abnormal load.

Equipped with a friction clutch and electronic overload limiter

The friction clutch prevents breakage of the hoist body and load chain at the occurrence of abnormal load such as an overload and lifting an anchored object. The electronic overload limiter detects an overload with the inverter and stops operation immediately.

Shutting off the current to the motor at the time of excessive lifting/lowering to prevent an accident

The upper-lower limit switch prevents damage on the hoist body and load chain at the time of excessive lifting/lowering. ​Simply-structured upper-lower limit switch considering reduction of dead space.

Meticulous long-life design

Motor with an ingenious external cooling fan, oil bath lubrication type gear box, optimumly shaped motor frame fins and fan cover. Intermittent rating 40/20% ED, suitable for severe environments and working conditions.

Simple design with Grade M6

World-class KITO original chain, superstrong nickel-plated load chain, highly enhanced fatigue and wear resistance due to ingenious technology. ​Special alloy steel quenched chain with high strength, durability and accuracy.

Visual indication of maintenance timing

Capable of showing the number of starts of the hoist and the hoist’s total on-time in the Data Display, allowing maintenance and inspection according to the frequency of use. Capable of controlling the inspection and replacement timings of component parts, etc. to suggest a maintenance plan for safety operation.

Shutting off the motor circuit in case of emergency

Capable of shutting off the motor circuit at hand by pressing the emergency stop button, originally designed easy-to-operate push button switch based on ergonomics. 24 V DC operating voltage for higher safety and higher work efficiency of the inspector.

Higher maintainability

Easy removal of a suspension eye by installing a connecting shaft at the upper part of the body. ​Centralized control by the inverter minimizes the number of electric parts and equipment and minimizes replacement parts.

Environmentally friendly

Free from 15 environmentally hazardous substances specified by KITO, including 6 European RoHS directive substances. ​Lower noise during operation and braking due to a 4-pole motor and pull-rotor brake.


EQ Electric Chain Hoist Brochure

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